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The 2000 Calorie Prank

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, when The Daily Talk Show crew set out on a road trip to Shepparton to record our 360th podcast episode, with a 360 camera. Along the way, we decided to pull a prank on Josh. Out of curiosity, we wanted to see if he could eat a whole jumo size pack of Natural Confectionary’s Party Mix by himself.

Mr. 97, 3D-Dyl and Tommy all promised that they wouldn’t have a single lolly, whilst still trying to convince Josh that they were being shared around.

We broke the news to Josh during the recording of episode #360, after he consumed the entire bag by himsefl! All 2000 calories of it!

Dylan Torraville

Eh! Gronks! 3D-Dyl here, hailing from Toronto up in the Great White Canadian North! In 2016, I went away to college in pursuit of my passion for Industrial Design and... Dylan Torraville

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