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Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen share their unique friendship behind the microphone and in front of the camera from their studio in Melbourne, Australia.

The first episode of The Daily Talk Show was recorded on January, 16 2018. The podcast launched as a five day a week audio only show, with the first 260 episodes recorded with portable equipment. Common recording locations included: Josh’s apartment, Tommy’s office on Easey St, random outdoor locations in Melbourne and the occasional hotel.

In June 2018, Josh left Melbourne for a four month Europe trip with his girlfriend, Bree. During this time, The Daily Talk Show continued recording every weekday, with a special guest episode released every Friday, which was pre recorded back in Melbourne.

It was sometimes challenging recording the podcast remotely, however, there was not a single episode missed during this time. Tommy and Josh used 4G data and a mix of technology (IPDTL and FaceTime) to record each podcast episode.

Tommy would regularly record in his car in the early morning, which is where his love for 7eleven coffee was born. In September 2018, Tommy released a video revealing 7eleven’s discrepancy in coffee prices and sizing, which saw mainstream coverage in Australia (The Project, The Herald Sun).

In October 2018, Tommy and Josh met in New York City, where they recorded an episode of The Daily Talk Show with their favourite author, Seth Godin. During the 10 day U.S.A trip, they recorded 16 episodes with a range of guests, celebrating episode 200 in Los Angeles at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant (outside LAX).

The U.S trip also marked the start of Tommy and Josh’s new business, BIG MEDIA COMPANY. The production company would combine both of their previous businesses and video production clients, along with giving the two a platform to develop The Daily Talk Show beyond a podcast.

The podcast continued as an audio only talk show in Melbourne for another three months, recording out of Tommy’s old office, which became BIG MEDIA COMPANY’s headquarters.

During December, Tommy traveled to Sydney for Christmas with his wife Amy’s family. Josh joined him in Sydney, along with Los Angeles based mate, Matt D’Avella. They recorded four episodes of the podcast around Sydney.

To celebrate one year of the podcast, The Daily Talk Show launched a video component of the show on January 16, 2019.

Filming every episode created more work for the team. Josh and Tommy decided to bring on an assistant that could ease the workload around file management and show notes. Mason Lauder, a recent university drop-out, who had been working with Tommy on some projects for his previous business, joined the team part-time.

Mason quickly became an integral part of the show, managing all guest bookings, technology and behind the scenes content. He was nicknamed “Mr 97”, after his ATAR score of 97 — an impressive score to Tommy (who never completed high school) and Josh (who barely passed).

Mr 97’s job included filming and researching. He would regularly be asked by the boys to Google facts mid-show, and resulted in his voice becoming a permanent fixture as full-time producer.

The visual component opened up new creative opportunities too, sparking the regular Friday theme, “Fat Fridays”. Each Fat Fridays, Tommy and Josh eat indulgent food to celebrate the end of the work week — using food delivery services Deliveroo, UberEats and even recording at restaurants (Easey’s and The Trailer Park Tavern).

In April 2019, BIG MEDIA COMPANY moved to a new office in Abbotsford, with a dedicated space for The Daily Talk Show studio, along with office space for post production.

The move coincided with an expansion of the team. After a mention on the show of merchandise that would require 3D printing, Dylan, a Canadian based Gronk and Industrial Design student, reached out offering to help. The discussion escalated and Dylan asked if he could complete his internship at BIG MEDIA COMPANY in Melbourne. He arrived in Melbourne for his four month internship in May.

He was nicknamed 3D-Dyl, after his knowledge and efforts in printing 3D squeegee key-rings for the show, which he gifted on his first episode in Australia.

The new studio gave space to expand the creativity of The Daily Talk Show, allowing for more guests and the planned show expansion.

3D-Dyl’s first project was to develop new branding, which culminated in The Daily Talk Show logo being turned into a large acrylic sign for the studio.

In June, The Daily Talk Show announced its move from five days a week, to seven.

The Saturday and Sunday episodes of The Daily Talk Show was dubbed ‘Weekend Banter’.

Weekend Banter incorporates more guests in a single show and experiments with games and segments. It was also created as a way of experimenting with more audience interaction.