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The Ultimate Podcasting Sign

THE SIGN! Oh God yes, the sign.  The infamous, “The Daily Talk Show” podcast sign was a HUGE step in solidifying our new visual identity.... Read More

Australia vs Canada: Coffee

Coffee’s the same everywhere, right? I love the vibe of a good cafe. I’m a sucker for good music, a chill atmosphere and great food.... Read More

Fat Fridays

Fat Fridays was born at a Donut King in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It was November 2018 — a Friday — and after a long day on a client shoot, the boys decided to get some extra energy with a couple of treats to record the podcast. Fat Fridays is an excuse every week to eat something delicious and share the experience on the podcast.

Whether it be food from our childhood, or our favourite pizza in Melbourne, Fat Fridays always delivers something tasty! Check out the Fat Fridays menu to see what we’ve had so far and send us an email with your suggestions!

Check out our Fat Friday’s Menu!


#264 – Camels Are Misunderstood

  • A 40″ Pizza
  • Elephant and animal transport
  •  Josh’s impulse purchases
  • Hugh Jackman’s supplements
  • The weirdness of word creation
  • Border smuggling
  • Firecrackers and lasers
  • Letting your kids roam free


#289 – Mushroom Dealer Mason Taylor

  • Mason’s vagabonding trip
  • The benefits of mushrooms
  • Listening to your body
  • Doing what’s best for your 80 year old self
  • Our Uber Eats delivery
  • The Ketogenic diet
  • Avoiding pesticides and chemicals
  • Trojan horsing herbs
  • Paul Stamets and the Westernisation of mushrooms
  • Sourcing for SuperFeast
  • Running SuperFeast

Podcast Reviews

I honestly don’t even know how to describe it but I can’t stop talking about it. Every single conversation is interesting and I love hearing about their careers and the media industry.
ellab97 - Apple Podcasts
What a show! I am almost a little bit embarrassed to admit how much I love listening to you guys daily. There’s something about the meaningless chat that excites me every day.
catmoore1 - Apple Podcasts

Weekend Banter

Every weekend we get loose with our favourite gronks. Saturday and Sunday.


#386 – Sunday With Our Better Halves

It’s Sunday and we’re joined by our better halves, Amy and Bree, for Weekend Banter! We chat about what we do in our sleep, our relationships and how they started! Bree and Amy have always been so supportive of what we do, so it’s really special to be able to record this episode with them both!


#385 – Our First Weekend Banter With The Gronks

Happy Saturday! Welcome to our first Weekend Banter, we’re so excited! We’ve got two of the best gronks around, Gemma Watts and Peter Shepherd, joining us. We loved recording the episode, so we hope you enjoy!



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